December 8, 2016

Tax hike in 2017 Pike County budget to cover cost of Frein trial

MILFORD - The Pike County Commissioners announced that a 1.2 millage increase is in the 2017 budget. This is the first tax increase in four years for the residents of Pike County. Blame it on the pending trial of accused cop-killer Eric Frein.

“We have no idea what the upcoming Eric Frein trial will cost the county,” said Commissioner Matt Osterberg. “We don’t know if there will end up being a trial or how long it will last should there be one.”

The county has budgeted an extra $250,000 to add to monies it already has.

The Frein trial will take place in Milford, probably in the spring.  A jury, brought in from another county, must be housed and fed during the trial which likely will last several weeks.

The proposed millage is 17.32 for the county budget, 0.3 for the county debt service and 2.12 for the county SRCP for a total millage of 19.74 up from last year’s 18.54 millage. Expenditures are expected to be about $43,000,000.

Osterberg said that increases are needed for the county pension and health insurance plans.

All expenditures in the categories of Judicial, Corrections, Child Welfare and miscellaneous are up while expenditures for Administration have a slight decrease in the proposed budget.

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