January 17, 2017

Little change in Pennsylvania slot machine revenue in 2016

HARRISBURG - There was a quarter of one-percent difference in 2016 calendar year slot machine gross gaming revenue compared to 2015 according to a report released by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

The report, posted on the Board’s web site www.gamingcontrolboard.pa.gov, shows total revenue for 2016 at $2,360,184,122, the sixth consecutive year in which revenue has topped $2.3 billion. That amount is 0.23% less than slot machine revenue in 2015 when gross revenue totaled $2,365,651,659.  The highest calendar year for gross slot machine revenue occurred in 2012 when revenue was $2,470,935,317.

Mount Airy Casino Resort, in Monroe County, posted a slight 1.57 percent gain for the year, with 2016 slot revenues at just under $142 million.

Tax revenue generated from slot machine gaming in 2016 was $1,259,648,414* with a significant portion of the revenue used for property tax reduction to all Pennsylvania homeowners, strengthening the Commonwealth’s horse racing industry, and funding economic development projects.

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