February 18, 2017

Murder by neglect conviction of Monroe County man upheld


HARRISBURG – A panel of the Pennsylvania Superior Court affirmed the conviction and denied the appeal of John Tedesco, who, along with his wife Tina was convicted of murder in the third degree, neglect of a care dependent person, theft, and conspiracy.

The case involved the death of Barbara Rabins, 70, a mentally disabled woman whom the defendants horribly neglected while stealing her social security payments and money from an out of state trust fund set up by her deceased father for her well-being. To keep their scam going, the defendants had checked Rabins out of care facilities against medical advice, hid her whereabouts from the local area agency on aging, and continued to neglect her basic care and needs. Eventually, Barbara died and the Tedesco's secretly transported her body to their lush home. They contacted 911 and concocted the story that she passed away in their home. It was later determined that she was extremely dehydrated and choked to death.

The case was investigated by members of the Pennsylvania State Police, the Coroner's Office, the District Attorney's Office, and was the subject of a lengthy grand jury investigation. Tina Tedesco's appeal is still pending at a separate court docket.

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