March 9, 2017

Frein trial jury selection begins today

CHESTER COUNTY – The trial of accused cop killer Eric Frein will take place in Pike County Court.  Proceedings begin today, in Chester County, near Philadelphia.  Because of the high profile of the case, the decision was made to bring a jury in from another county.

Chester County, a more than two-hour drive from Pike County, was the choice.  It is in Chester County that the jury of 12, and alternates will be picked.  It could take some time to find a sufficient number of people willing to leave home be brought to Milford, where they could be sequestered for the trial, likely to last two months. 

Frein is accused of killing Corporal Brian Dickson and critically wounding trooper Alex Douglass, in an ambush shooting outside the Blooming Grove State Police headquarters. 

That happened in September 2014.  Frein was later identified as the suspect.  He was captured in Monroe County six weeks later. 

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