June 25, 2017

Milford thrift shop finds new home

Soon to be new home on Harford Street for Calling All Angels Thrift Shop

MILFORD - Calling All Angels Mission is moving their thrift shop to 214 E Harford Street in Milford, thanks to the support of members of the community and two organizations in particular.

Earlier in the year, after a financial crisis of sorts (expenses were quickly outstripping income), the Mission had to evaluate if they could keep the thrift shop open or not. With an outcry in the community that, as one patron stated, “you just can't close, you do so much good in the community”, the board of directors decided to look into other ways of staying open. But then their current location was no longer available for lease and they had three months to leave.

“We found ourselves in a quandary,” said Charles Reynolds, board secretary / treasurer. “We not only needed the shop to raise the money to help as many families and individuals as we could, but it was our way of staying in touch with the needs of the our community. But we also knew that the cost of finding a new place was going to be a challenge.”

When Kim Emmet of Community Vocational Services, Inc. heard that the Mission was thinking of closing their thrift shop, after five and a half years of helping so many in a community, she said she had to step in and help.

Alex Hazzouri, Executive Director of The Advocacy Alliance, offered advice and support to help the nonprofit deal with their many challenges.

“Kim and Alex are a blessing,” says Lauren Anderson-Reynolds, the Executive Director of Calling All Angels. “There are people in this world who take the time to care, to help another person, and out of the goodness of their heart, give a beautiful gift that not everyone would do for a person they did not know. That's Kim and Alex. Two true angels.”

The new location, at 214 E Harford Street in Milford, PA, will be slowly moved into over the next few weeks. Although it is planned that the old shop will be closed by July 14 and the new shop in operation by that time, an announcement will be made via social media and a press release as to the actual date and time of the opening.

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