June 26, 2017

Pike woman reported dead in apparent murder-suicide


CENTER VALLEY PA – An attempted traffic stop in Lehigh County on Saturday led to a pursuit, a standoff and a man and a woman dead, in an apparent murder-suicide shooting. 

Reports identify the woman as Emily Fatzinger, 25, of Pike County.  The man was her boyfriend, Eric Messick, 33, of Walnutport.  Both were known to law enforcement.

Police say after attempting to stop the vehicle, it took off, eventually getting stuck in the mud.  The couple in the car started running.  At point, the man aimed a gun at the pursuing officer and fired.  The shot missed but the officer dropped the chase.

The couple entered one house, demanded car keys from the occupant, who claimed a mechanic had the keys.

The two eventually ended up in a vacant home.  After a standoff, three shots were heard.  Police eventually entered and found both dead of gunshot wounds.

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