July 18, 2017

Jail brawl leads to criminal charges

SAYLORSBURG -  Corrections Officers at the Monroe County Correctional Facility began an emergency lockdown of the C-Unit on May 23, due to an altercation involving up to 15 inmates. 

The Monroe County District Attorney’s Office Detectives investigated, finding that Fred Baumgartner had a confrontation with Ravenell over usage of the phones in the day area of the C-Unit.  Baumgartner reported that he was approached in his cell by Patrick Player and Regulus Hoy, both associates of Ravenell.  All three inmates were ordered out of the cell by a corrections officer.  Numerous inmates began to circle around Baumgartner and started punching and kicking him.  Baumgartner defended himself in the assault and bit and struck other inmates. 

Corrections Officers assisting in the investigation identified inmates involved in the altercation by reviewing security footage. 

Following an investigation, criminal charges were filed against Ravenell, Player, Hoyt and three other inmates.  All except Hoyt face a felony charge of riot and several misdemeanor charges.  Hoyt was charged only with misdemeanors. 

All of the inmates involved are residents of Monroe County. 

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