July 21, 2017

Tick test developed at ESU

EAST STROUDSBURG - In the Pocono Mountains the importance of checking for ticks after spending time outdoors is critical. Pennsylvania leads the nation in Lyme disease cases and Lyme disease is the most common vector borne infection in the United States. Ticks, however, do not just seek out people and pets in Pennsylvania. In fact, has found Lyme disease-carrying ticks are found in half of all U.S. counties.

On Thursday, with the support of EPA Enterprises, East Stroudsburg University made the detection of Lyme disease easier, and faster, for people and their pets everywhere, with the launch of the Cutter™ Lyme Disease Tick Test.  It is the first nationally-recognized brand-name product developed at ESU.

This new, affordable and convenient test kit provides individuals who find a tick on themselves, their children, or their pets with fast, 99.9% accurate DNA test results determining if the submitted tick is a carrier of Lyme disease.  

“We have received ticks from 22 states, Canada and Central America,” said Nicole Chinnici, forensic scientist at the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory at ESU.  “I expect those numbers to increase as people begin to realize how accessible these kits have become.”

The kits may be purchased online at for $24.99, and will be available in stores in the near future. This cost includes all Laboratory testing fees.  

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