September 21, 2017

Stroud Area Regional Police chooses Jennifer Lyon as new Chief

Chief Lyon

EAST STROUDSBURG - As of today, a new piece of Monroe County history is being written. Captain Jennifer Lyon assumed the helm of the Stroud Area Regional Police Department as Chief. She is the first female Chief of a police department in Monroe County.

“While the Commission understands the historic significance to the public in regards to gender, the Commission wants the public to understand that gender played no role in the decision to promote Captain Lyon, only dedication, hard work, and professional qualifications were considered in the promotion,” said Roger DeLarco, Chair of the Stroud Area Regional Police Commission. “Chief Lyon has been an integral part of the last three administrations for the Department and has demonstrated a capability that transcends gender or other ancillary considerations. Quite frankly, she was born to be a Police Chief.” 

Chief Lyon started her tenure with the Stroud Area Regional Police Department in 2002. In 2007, she created, developed, and established the first School Resource Officer Program at the Stroudsburg Area School District where she honed her philosophy on community policing. She was known to the School District as a problem solver and not a disciplinarian or enforcer. Her monthly reports set the standard by which all School Resource Officers strive to attain.

“I found the position of Administrative Lieutenant to be eye opening. As a patrol officer, you are provided little insight into the intricacies of running a Police Department the size of the SARPD,” said Lyon. “All of a sudden, I am confronted with a big picture view of policing which requires the balancing of resources, the promotion of public safety, and securing the public trust. Both former Chief Baujan and especially former Chief Parrish were instrumental in preparing me for this leadership role.” 

Lyon succeeds John Ward, who resigned from the Department as of September 20.

“Upon the resignation of Chief Ward, it only seemed natural to the Commission to go to its ‘go to person’ in Jennifer Lyon to be the next Chief,” said DeLarco. 

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