October 3, 2017

Funeral director facing additional charges for tampering with evidence


STROUDSBURG - Additional charges have been filed against Angeliegha Stewart, of Sciota, who was originally arrested and charged on September 22nd, 2017 with 25 counts of abuse of a corpse and drug charges relating to the sale and distribution of marijuana.

During this investigation, Monroe County District Attorney detective Kim Lippincott discovered that Stewart, 27, had accessed her Google Account from another device and deleted at least four incriminating photographs. The photographs that she manually placed into her ‘trash’ folder were ‘selfies’. The two selfies were of Angeliegha Stewart’s face, one taken in the embalming room at the Lanterman and Allen Funeral Home with a naked body behind her on a table. The other, a selfie taken in the viewing room with a body behind her being prepared for a service. The other two photographs were of deceased people’s faces.

Stewart is now charged with four counts of tampering with evidence, a misdemeanor. She will appear in court at a later date. The Commonwealth plans to petition for a change in venue to accommodate all of the victims involved and for the safety of the defendant.

The investigation involving Angeliegha Stewart is ongoing. Detective Lippincott, with help from the funeral home staff at Lanterman and Allen, identifed all of the individuals involved. Approximately 16 families have been impacted and are considered victims in this criminal matter. The Lanterman and Allen Funeral Home is fully cooperating with detectives.


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