October 23, 2017

Long-term Delaware River flow management agreement reached

Upper Delaware at Big Eddy near Narrowsburg (photo: David Soete, Upper Delaware Council)

NEW YORK – Delaware River degree parties have committed to a long-term agreement for a river flow management program.

“The 10-year program protects public health for millions of Americans by sustaining their supplies of high-quality drinking water,” said New York City Department of Environmental Protection Deputy Commissioner Paul Rush. “The agreement also expands efforts to enhance flood attenuation and support the outdoor recreation economy of the upper Delaware River through the protection of its natural ecology and wild trout fishery.”

Rush said the decree parties have agreed to “pursue a number of scientific studies related to salinity intrusion in the lower Delaware River, the calculation of water available to be released downstream of New York City’s reservoirs, and other topics related to the natural resources of the basin,” said Rush.

In the 1920's, the States of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania were interested in the development of water supplies in the Delaware River Basin, as a source for meeting their individual needs.


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