December 14, 2017

Three charged in ambush murder of pizza delivery man

EAST STROUDSBURG - On Monday, December 11, Richard Labar, 58, of East Stroudsburg was fatally shot during a robbery.  Labar was making a post-midnight delivery of pizza to a residence in East Stroudsburg.    The delivery was a set up.  Following a brief struggle Labar was knocked to the ground and shot in the face with a .410 gauge shotgun.  He died after life support was terminated on the request of his family. 




State Police, assisted by officers from the Stroud Area Regional Police Department and East Stroudsburg University, working in conjunction with the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, immediately went to work ferreting out those responsible for the crime.  Early leads were followed up.  Witnesses and suspects were questioned; various scenes related to the crime were processed by Forensic Service Unit members of the Pennsylvania State Police and the District Attorney’s Office. 

The efforts of the investigators resulted in the arrest and charging of three individuals: Carolina Carmona, 30, Salvador Roberts, 21, and Israel Berrios, 17. 

They are currently facing murder, robbery, conspiracy and related charges and are being held without bail. 

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