December 27, 2017

Husband, wife plead guilty in murder solicitation scheme

Robin Transue

Keith Transue

STROUDSBURG – A case that began when a man reported being asked by a woman to kill her husband has resulted in guilty pleas by both. 

Robin Transue pled guilty to solicitation to commit aggravated assault and statutory sexual assault, both felonies. Her husband, Keith Transue pled guilty to misdemeanor criminal coercion.

The Case began after a complaint was made by Richard Warner, a friend the Transues, claiming that Robin Transue was trying to get him to kill her husband.

Detectives of the Pocono Mountain Regional Police Department took Mr. Warner’s statement and then arranged a consensual wire intercept of Mr. Warner’s conversations with Mrs. Transue. Plans were made for Warner to meet Mrs. Transue in the hopes that her plot to kill her husband could be captured on tape. Several meetings took place in which several scenarios were discussed, including tampering with his car and poisoning.

Following investigation, Robin Transue charged with criminal solicitation to commit murder as well as the sex crimes she committed in the past.  Criminal charges were filed against Mr. Transue for the failure to report the sexual assault, as well as criminal coercion, a form of blackmail. Mr. Transue was using his wife’s crime to keep her from leaving or divorcing him. This in turn was essentially the motive for Robin soliciting Keith’s murder. 

Sentencing for both defendants is scheduled for March 20

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