June 13, 2018

Wayne County murder-for-hire plot foiled


HONESDALE – A Lackawanna County man is in jail after a plot to murder the boyfriend of the man’s estranged wife unraveled. 

According to reports, Robert Malpasse, 49, and his live-in girlfriend, Jennifer Proctor, 41, stocked and spied on Allison Malpasse, 30, and even put a GPS tracking device on her car.

According to media reports, Malpasse allegedly tried to get Proctor to poison Allison’s boyfriend, Matt Gregory.  She refused, offering instead to have sex with Gregory taking pictures of that to show to Allison. 

Proctor eventually told Allison and both contacted police.

Robert Malpasse was arrested and is being held without bail.  Proctor reportedly had not been charged, as of late Tuesday.

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