June 27, 2018

Pike County aging agency receives award

L-R: County Commissioners Steve Guccini, Matt Osterberg, Andrew Seder, Alicia Bonnadonna,
Denise Astorino, Paula Vennie, Fred Seidler

MILFORD - Pike County’s Area Agency on Aging was presented with an award by Andrew Seder representing Senator Lisa Baker. The award for the agency’s APPRISE Program was given to APPRISE coordinator, Alicia Bonnadonna and several volunteers from the program. The award is the Pennsylvania Department on Aging’s Secretary’s Award for Excellence for 2018. Pike County is the only one of the 60 counties with this program to receive this award.

The APPRISE Program’s purpose is to counsel senior citizens, veterans, and individuals with special needs who have  questions on Medicare, Medicaid, supplemental insurance, and long-term care insurance. Paid staff members and volunteers travel to venues throughout the county and work in collaboration with the offices of state legislators, libraries, and others.

The Pike County program has developed a strong reputation for the highest quality of service since its beginnings. The program was recognized for its fairness, reliability and integrity.

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