July 4, 2018

Woman receives state prison term for armed robbery


HONESDALE – A Hawley woman will spend up to eight years in state prison for using a gun to rob a Honesdale restaurant.

Wayne County Judge Raymond Hamill sentenced Kelley Branning, 30, to 40 to 96 months after she pleaded guilty to a felony charge for robbing the China Castel Restaurant on Main Street in Honesdale while brandishing a hand gun.

Branning wore a mask and made off with approximately $347 during the December 28, 2017 incident.

District Attorney Patrick Robinson said the hand gun used by Branning was ultimately located by Honesdale Borough Police, who investigated the crime, and turned out to be a pellet gun.

“It was clear that the defendant, Branning, was very remorseful for her actions,” Robinson said. “While Branning claimed she had no intent to harm anyone, her actions on December 18, 2017, were extremely dangerous.”

Of the 30 sentencings and guilty pleas before the court, Robinson said well more than half were in some way drug related. “In this case, Branning robbed the China Castle Restaurant in order to get money to buy cocaine.”

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