July 10, 2018

Honesdale man gets long prison term for sex crimes against a minor

HONESDALE – sentenced to 12 to 24 years in a State Correctional Institution for two felony counts each of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and aggravated indecent assault, one felony count of statutory sexual assault and misdemeanor indecent exposure.

Douglas Turner, 48, was sentenced by Senior Judge Raymond Hamill, who also deemed him a sexually violent predator

“I am pleased that Mr. Turner was designated to be a sexually violent predator because that is what he is,” said First Assistant District Attorney Deborah Rothenberg said. “He took advantage of a mentally delayed minor female, who he was over 30 years older than, and he took advantage of her on multiple occasions.”

She said Judge Hamill, was spot on when he pointed out the disparity between the favorable letters written about Mr. Turner by his friends and family, referring to him as a hard-working family man, and the charges of which he was convicted. 

“As the Judge indicated, people who sexually offend against children are, in many instances, otherwise upstanding members of society and their friends and families would never know that they are molesting children,” Rothenberg said. “That is why child molestation is so terrifying.” “I am glad this child molester is off of our streets for over a decade and that when he does eventually get out of prison he will be required to register under Megan’s Law for the remainder of his lifetime.”

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