July 13, 2018

DUI dad convicted of letting daughter, 11, drive


HONESDALE – A Wayne County Jury convicted a Dunmore man of allowing his 11-year-old daughter drive his vehicle from Covington Township in Lackawanna County to Salem Township in Wayne County. Sean Hannon, 49, was convicted on two felonies and four misdemeanors, following approximately an hour of deliberations.

Evidence at trial showing that the Hannon allowed his daughter to drive approximately 10 miles from his house on Drinker Turnpike to the intersection of SR 690 and Neville Road in Salem Township, Wayne County. The Defendant’s eight-year-old son was a passenger.

Hannon’s BAC was .228%, two and a half times the legal limit.            

Hannon directed his daughter’s driving, which eventually resulted in her running up under a tree.  He attempted to extricate the vehicle from the pine tree branches but was prevented from doing so by a Good Samaritan who grabbed the vehicle keys from the ignition. During the wild ride, the daughter drove erratically swerving, running a stop sign, and running a vehicle coming from the opposite direction into a ditch.

“The Jury did a good job of arriving at a fair and just verdict,” said Wayne County District Attorney Patrick Robinson.

Hannon was convicted of all charges, including two felony counts endangering the welfare of children. His bail was revoked. Sentencing is scheduled for October 4.

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