August 7, 2018

Pike DA adds second child interviewer

MILFORD - Pike County District Attorney, Ray Tonkin, announced the addition of a second forensic interviewer at the Children’s Advocacy Center, located in Milford.

Sara Loeb, who is currently the Special Victim Advocate in the Pike County District Attorney’s office recently traveled to Huntsville, Alabama for a weeklong training on the Forensic Interviewing of Children. The five-day training focused on the structure of a forensic interview, developmental perspective, effective engagement and questions, testifying in court, pre-interview preparation, and children reluctant to disclose. The attendees also performed a child interview practicum to review the interview process and experience the interview structure first hand. With the addition of a second forensic interviewer, the Pike County Children’s Advocacy Center continues to grow, becoming an ever important part of the community and those who come through its doors.             

The Children’s Advocacy Center is for children of alleged physical or sexual abuse. It is a safe pace, with a goal to have the child only talk about a traumatic experience to one person. In the past a child may have ended up talking about their experience to many people over and over again. With the Children’s Advocacy Center model, a child is brought to a safe child focused environment by a non-offending caregiver. Once there, the child talks about their experience to a trained interviewer in a way that does not re-traumatize the child.  The Pike County Children’s Advocacy Center also provides physical examinations which help a child with healing, and an understanding they will be well physically.

The Pike County Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) opened its doors initially March 2017.

If you suspect child abuse, or a child’s general well-being please call 800-932-0313.

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