October 2, 2018

Wayne County prostitution ring busted

HONESDALE - Wayne County District Attorney Patrick Robinson announced eleven arrests in a prostitution sting which occurred at an undisclosed location within Wayne County on Tuesday, September 25. Details of the operation were released on Monday.

Wayne County Detectives arrested six male “Johns”, four female prostitutes, and one male “Pimp”. The daylong undercover sting resulted in scores of other calls from men wanting to pay for sex and from prostitutes wanting to provide sex for cash.

Prince Rodriguez, 33, from Wilkes-Barre, PA, charged with both felony and misdemeanor promoting prostitution.

Rodriguez was armed with a loaded 9 mm pistol when he was taken into custody. During a subsequent search of his vehicle, a short-barreled pistol gripped 12 gauge shotgun loaded with five slugs was found between the center console and front passenger seat. A small amount of marijuana was found on the back seat and a 7.62 mm semi-automatic rifle with four fully loaded magazines was found in the trunk. A bandolier with numerous 12-gauge slugs was also found in the trunk.

The investigation into the firearms is continuing.

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