February 22, 2019

Pike County rolling out new voting equipment

Manzoni, left, with Jeff Phillips, Customer Relations Manager at Dominion Voting Systems

MILFORD - The Pike County Commissioners are responding to a Pennsylvania Department of State (DOS) directive that requires replacement of existing voting systems in Pennsylvania with voter-verifiable paper trail equipment by the April 2020 presidential primary.

Pike is one of only a few Pennsylvania counties that will meet the mandate early, in time for the May 2019 primary election.

“This is the best-case scenario,” says Pike County Elections Office Department Head, Nadeen Manzoni. “It will provide an opportunity for Pike County voters to use the new equipment during two elections prior to the 2020 presidential election season.”

The current touch screen equipment will be replaced with an ImageCast Precinct scan system that allows voters to hand mark paper ballots and send them though a scanner that stores and tabulates votes. The new system allows for on-site second-chance voting if the scanner identifies errors or missed lines, thereby giving the voter the option to correct the ballot or cast it as is.

An ADA-compliant option will also be available, which provides a private and independent voting environment for those who need it. This option provides an audio version of the ballot and confirms voter selections.

 “We vetted several potential vendors and Dominion’s system proved cost effective and flexible in its capacity to be updated to meet future state requirements,” says Matt Osterberg, Chairman of the Pike County Commissioners. “Dominion’s customer service has also been excellent.”

Pike County will purchase 25 new machines to accommodate its 18 precincts.

That will cost about $200,000. A portion of the cost will be covered by funds from the Help America Vote Act of 2004. Pike’s share is $68,000, according to Manzoni.

In addition, the state has budgeted funding for 2020 that will cover half the cost of the new system, which is approximately $100,000 for Pike County.

“So far we have $168,003 in funding,” says Manzoni.

Beginning in late March, and leading up to the May 2019 primary election, the new equipment will be demonstrated at various locations throughout Pike County. It will also be on display at the Pike County Elections Office in the Administration Building, at 506 Broad Street, In Milford, PA.


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