March 22, 2019

Two more arrested for drug delivery resulting in Wayne County death



HONESDALE -- Two Stroudsburg women are charged with drug delivery resulting in death and several related felonies following their arrest this week the death of a Cherry Ridge Township resident Nov. 30, 2018.

Wayne County District Attorney Patrick Robinson said the victim’s cell phone helped lead police to Lindsay Daddio, 29, and Alexondra Devivo, 25, who allegedly paid Victoria Lynn Bachman, 24, with two bags of heroin for driving the pair to Patterson, NJ, to buy the drugs. Later that night Bachman died of an overdose.

Using texts from the victim’s cell phone, investigators lured the two women to the Perkins Restaurant just down the road to the apartment they share in Stroudsburg. Devivo was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant in New Jersey, and Daddio was wanted for failure to appear on a drug paraphernalia charge in Monroe County.

State Police investigators say Daddio and Devivo frequently traveled to Patterson, NJ, to purchase Heroin, often using Bachmann as transportation. On November 30, Bachmann transported the defendants to Patterson where they purchased $220 worth of Heroin.

 “The people of Wayne County are sick and tired of these utterly unnecessary deaths. I am fed up with people ignoring the obvious life and death risks associated with the Delivery and use of Fentanyl laced Heroin,” said Robinson. “Maybe these two arrests will wake some of these drug dealers up. The mother of a child who dies like Bachmann does not care whether the drugs are delivered by a smalltime drug dealer or a drug kingpin. Her child is dead and she wants justice. I plan to give Ms. Bachmann justice.”

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